What is the WallUp!®?
The WallUp!® is an innovative outdoor product by Kittrich Corporation. It is an instant portable wall and privacy system, providing personal retreat and shaded protection from the sun, wind, rain, and other outdoor elements. 

What is the WallUp!® flag cloth screen material made out of?
The flag cloth screen (wall) is made of a thick, heavy duty, tear-resistant and weather-resistant 300D Polyester. With proper care, cleaning, and storage, it will last for years. 

What holds it up?
Similar to tents and tethered canopies, the WallUp!® uses stainless steel ground stakes and durable fiberglass support poles. To prevent rust on ground stakes, you may use a galvanizing spray. Clean and dry stakes after every use. 

How easy is the set up?
The ground stakes are driven into the ground, by hand insertion or pounded by rubber mallet, to “anchor” the support poles. The poles are then hand-inserted into the ground stakes to hold the flag screen cloth (wall) upright. The wall is then attached onto the ground poles. A cross-member bar is then inserted at the top of the wall through the end-corner. It’s an easy set up, and instructions are provided with this product. 

Where can the WallUp!® be set up?
The WallUp!® can be set up in earth, sand, or snow; virtually anywhere outdoors with a soft or hard permeable surface. In harder ground, you may achieve optimal set up and wind resistance to prevent fall down. 

Can I really use this at the beach or snow?
Yes. When first setting up, consider using short lengths (6~12”) of cut PVC plastic piping to insert into the sand or snow. Then, insert the stainless steel ground stakes into the PVC piping. This will prevent the loss of the stakes, if they may get accidentally buried in the sand or snow. You can also consider not using the ground stakes, and instead, inserting the support poles directly into the PVC piping, and then follow the remaining set up instructions. 

How can I set up the WallUp!® on concrete, pavement, asphalt, or indoor flooring surfaces?
The WallUp!® can be set up on hard flat surfaces by using a rubber mallet to drive (hammer) the steel ground stakes into large 4’x4’ square wood logs or square wood blocks. The heavier and larger the wood used, the less prone the product will be to fall over with wind gusts. The lengths of the square wood logs and/or the size of square wood blocks used should suit your preference and arrangement of the WallUp!® to be in a linear (straight line), concave, or convex position. Umbrella stands may also allow for set up on hard surfaces. 

What are the stakes made of?
The four (4) ground stakes are solid steel that are 7” long. They can be inserted into the ground by hand or driven by rubber mallet, depending upon the ground surface hardness. The stakes are sharp objects and must always be handled with care by adults only. Keep them dry, clean, and stored in the tote bag to avoid rust or injury. Keep them away from small children at all times. 

What are the support poles made of?
The collapsible, upright support poles are 5/8″ thick and made of heavy duty fiberglass. When assembled together and kept in place with a metal flange, they are 6 feet tall. When disassembled, each half pole is 3 feet long, making for easy compact storage. Keep the support poles stored in the tote bag to avoid accidental bending or breakage. 

Is the flag cloth screen (wall) cleaned?
Simply hand-wash the flag cloth screen (wall) with a mild liquid detergent and cold water to clean, when soiled. Hang dry before storing. The wall is a large 6’ x 12’ size, so it is not recommended for any machine washing, which may bunch or tear the wall. The dryer and cleaner the wall remains, the longer it will last to enjoy for years. 

What color(s) are available?
The WallUp!® flag cloth screen (wall) is currently manufactured in dark green, aqua blue, white, black and camouflage. Please consult with Kittrich Corporation if additional colors or custom printing options are available. 

Are replacement parts available if they are lost or broken?
The WallUp!® has replacement support poles and cross beams available, at a nominal charge. A torn or damaged flag cloth screen will require a new (full) assembly purchase. The carrying tote bag and anchor stake bag are non-replaceable. Contact your retailer or Kittrich Corporation for replacement parts, where available. 

How wind-resistant is it?
The product disclaimer provides for 15mph wind resistance, as tested with a straight wall configuration to a test fan. However, wind resistance can increase if properly manipulated with a concave or convex set up against wind. The wall in a perfectly straight configuration will be far weaker than concave or convex shape against direct wind. Insure the ground stakes are firmly driven into the ground, with the support poles on the downwind (back) side of the screen. If purchasing two or more of the WallUp!®, but perhaps only setting one up on a windy day, consider using the addition ground stakes and support poles from the other product kits. Simply anchor the extra ground stakes and support poles, placed directly along the wall, on the downwind (back) side. Essentially, it creates a “spine” for extra wind support.